Worship Videos


Rev. Tom Harmon
December 8, 2019
(2nd Sunday in Advent)

Rising Light

Rev. Nick Cordt
December 5, 2019
(1st Wednesday of Advent)

Get Dressed!

Rev. Tom Harmon
December 1, 2019
(1st Sunday in Advent)

Half Full or Half Empty?

Rev. Tom Harmon
November 27, 2019
(Thanksgiving Eve)

(No Recording…)

November 24, 2019
(Last Sunday of the Church Year)

Busy, or Busybodies?

Rev. Tom Harmon

November 17, 2019
(23rd Sunday after Pentecost)

Who Am I?

Rev. Tom Harmon
November 10, 2019
(22nd Sunday after Pentecost)

Sir, You Know!

Rev. Nick Cordt
November 3, 2019
(All Saints Day)


Rev. Tom Harmon
October 27th, 2019
(20th Sunday after Pentecost & Reformation Observed)

(No Recording…)

October 20, 2019
(19th Sunday after Pentecost)
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