Risen Savior “Selfie” Directory
**This document is password protected

Directions & Information for our Online Directory

As our congregation continues to grow, use the online directory to get to know new and long-time members!   It’s an important tool!  Please take the time to update it!

 Update your information on the App!

  • On your phone, open the Instant Church Directory app
  • On the upper left hand corner of the screen, open the menu
  • In the menu, touch “Edit My Family”
  • In the “Edit My Family” Page, you can change your family picture, update your address, change your contact information and more!!  Please note:  Many of the college students have their own entry which includes their college address.
  • Touch “Submit Edits” when you’re done!!

The administrator will review your edits and your information will be updated!


There are several ways you can access our online church directory for Risen Savior: 

You can see a PDF of our directory on our website from your computer.  Just click on this link: https://www.risensavior.net/membership-directory/  This document is password protected.  Contact the office if you don’t have or have forgotten the password. 


Online, on your computer,  you can go to https://members.instantchurchdirectory.com/  Only individuals who are listed in our directory can access it.  Enter the email address you provided for the directory and your password.  If you have not signed in before, create a login by following the steps below:   
  • Enter the email address as it is listed in the family portion of the directory.   This is the email you have provided to the church office.
  • Create a password.  The password must be 8 characters long and contain at least two of the following special characters: capital letters, numbers or symbols.
  • Re-type the password to confirm it and click “Request Login.”
  • You will be sent a confirmation email. Open your email,  click on the link  and use your newly created email and password to gain access.

You can make updates to your address, photo, email or phone online.  Click on “Edit my Family” on the upper right hand corner of the page.  Your submission will be reviewed by an administrator and all directories will update with your information.

On your phone or device, download the mobile app to your Apple, Android or Kindle device.  Go to your App Store, Google Play or Amazon and search for Instant Church Directory.  Follow the prompts to sign-in.   You can get directions, text an individual, send an email or make a call to another member through the online app!  
You can also request a paper copy of the directory.  Please contact Laurie Casey at 683-5538 or laurie@risensavior.net