Numana Food Packing Event


Our Numana Event looked a little bit different this year, but the need is greater than ever. Since the pandemic began, Mission of Hope in Haiti has a 7 million meal deficit. That number is hard to comprehend! That’s 25 shipping containers which haven’t been sent to the people of Haiti. (this includes from other resources too)

Thank you to our volunteers who came out on Saturday, August 29th! 

  • We packed 50,112 meals which will fill a shipping container so it can be on its way to Haiti! 
  • We will have a long-term meal packing station(s) set up in one of our classrooms to will allow for individuals, families & small groups to come pack at their convenience and in smaller groups. So, be thinking who you can invite as small groups to come help pack!!! Email if you’re interested. 
  • Any bulk product which likely can’t be packed by the church will be sent as “Bulk Product” to Mission of Hope. (25-pound-bags of beans and 50-pound-bags of rice) They are desperate for food and they will distribute as it arrives in Haiti.
  • PRAY!  Pray God will use us to help feed the hungry in Haiti! 


It’s amazing what a difference just .30 cents can make at a Numana Food Packing event.   

Every meal we will package costs 30 cents. This includes the ingredients, packaging, administration, and international shipping of the container.
$9 feeds a child for one month.
  • $36 feeds a family for one month.
  • $65 (fills a box) which is 216 meals.
  • $108 feeds a child for one year.
  • $432 feeds a family for one year.

The food we pack will be sent to Mission of Hope in Haiti. As an organization, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Their desire is to serve the nation of Haiti, and see lives changed while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • 91,000 children & students fed each day
  • 6,100 children provided education
  • 500+ families provided with long-term housing
Questions?  Call Risen Savior at 683-5538! We’ll be happy to help!